Westchester County Airport
Credit: Getty Images

A man sustained serious injuries after tripping over a luggage scale at Westchester County Airport. Now, he’s looking for $5 million in compensation.

According to LoHud, an affiliate of USA Today that covers the Lower Hudson Valley in New York, Ralph Faga was looking to buy an airline ticket when he tripped over a scale back in August.

Faga filed for legal action to be taken against Westchester County (which runs the airport) at the New York State Supreme Court, claiming that airport staff was negligent and the scale was not properly marked for visibility, LoHud reported.

According to Faga’s court documents, reported in LoHud, he had gone to the airport to buy a JetBlue ticket from New York to Nevada, only to find that the prices the ticket agent quoted him were higher than those he saw online earlier that day. LoHud also reported that the ticket agent invited Faga to look at her computer screen to verify the prices, but as he was coming around the counter, he tripped on the scale because he could not see it.

According to LoHud, Faga suffered from a torn rotator cuff and bicep tendon, which is inoperable. Faga is also a diabetic and had received a liver transplant in the past, which could have possibly attributed to medical complications, LoHud reported.

Unfortunately, according to Faga’s attorney, this means his injuries are permanent and will change his lifestyle significantly, which is why Faga is now seeking such a high settlement.

A spokesperson for Westchester County told LoHud that they have no comment at this time.

Litigation against airlines and even airports (in this case) are not entirely uncommon. Back in 2018, a man sued Southwest for causing “mental anguish” after landing at the wrong airport, and in 2017, passengers on a JetBlue flight sued the airline for injuries sustained during extreme turbulence.