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Here's a good rule for hide-and-seek: Don’t hide anywhere with a light that alerts other people you’re inside.

A 25-year-old Swiss man learned this lesson after attempting to stowaway an easyJet flight from London to Geneva on Sunday night by hiding in the lavatory.

Although the man somehow snuck onto the plane without a ticket, his plan was foiled when flight attendants noticed that all the passengers were in their seats but the “in use” sign on the toilet was lit, according to 20 Minutes.

A witness told the paper that police arrested the man and thoroughly searched the plane, but did not find anything suspicious. However some passengers were so shaken up by the incident that they chose to disembark and take a later flight.

It turned out that the man did not sneak through the airport and onto the plane. He had a valid boarding pass for an earlier flight to Geneva, but missed his plane, a spokesperson for London Gatwick Airport told the paper.

EasyJet will not rebook a missed flight unless the passenger purchased some type of insurance, so this man apparently decided that he was going to use stealth to get back to Geneva.

The airline confirmed that a passenger “boarded by mistake” and is investigating the incident.

This is the third time in a month that a passenger has snuck onto an easyJet flight. In October, a man boarded an easyJet flight to Lisbon with a ticket from TAP Air Portugal. And less than a week after that, a seven-year-old girl boarded a flight without a ticket or even any identification.