Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737-800 airplane flight
Credit: Getty Images

Most travelers are well prepared for a chilly flight, but very few expect their plane to feel like a sauna.

But an overheated plane is not only uncomfortable, it can also be a health risk for passengers.

Last week, passengers on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-605 from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Singapore had to sit through an excruciatingly hot flight due to an unknown malfunction in the air system.

According to Aero Inside, passengers complained as soon as they boarded, saying that the plane felt “as if it had been parked in sunshine and window shades open without air conditioning for a considerable time.”

After departure, the temperature rose even further, causing extreme discomfort. Naturally, passengers continued to complain as the flight crew continued with beverage service, using magazines, safety cards, and basically anything they could get their hands on to fan themselves.

The air conditioning vents apparently were of no use either, since they were blowing more hot air in people’s faces.

The 40-minute flight still managed to land safely in Singapore, and luckily no one suffered any health problems as a result. However, one passenger used a thermometer and found that the temperature in the cabin had rose to 95.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

After landing, the plane remained grounded for 92 hours for maintenance, as reported by Aero Inside.

This makes you really appreciate a cold flight, even if you do have to keep your winter coat on.