You won't know where you're flying until you book your ticket.

Berlin Skyline, Germany
Credit: bluejayphoto/Getty Images

Would you book a flight and leave it up to the airline to pick out the ideal surprise destination for you?

German airline Lufthansa is now offering adventurous travelers the option with its Lufthansa Surprise flights, which allow passengers to choose from nine different trip types they’d be interested in before getting booked to the unknown locale.

Lufthansa Airlines, Boeing 747-8
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Travelers can choose from categories that include bromance, shopping, cities, partying, romance, sun and sand, nature, sightseeing and culture, and go east.

The list of destinations are all within Europe, and include both popular locations like Rome and Florence, and less-visited gems like Italy’s Turin and the Polish port city of Gdansk.

While the flights are cheap, starting at just €69 (roughly $77.25) round-trip, they’re only available through the Frankfurt and Munich airports in Germany, meaning those outside the country would need to either book a separate flight there, or add it onto their current itinerary if they’re planning to travel through Germany.

There are also no refunds available once you’ve made your purchase, but the airline’s website states that the more flexible a traveler is, the greater savings they can expect.

Though the thought of booking a trip to an unknown destination can seem daunting to some, companies like Pack Up + Go do just that, planning surprise vacations for travelers who don’t know where they're headed until they get to the airport.