By Andrea Romano
December 04, 2017
Courtesy of Lufthansa

The battle to offer business class passengers the ultimate experience in the sky continues.

German airline Lufthansa has revealed details about its new business class seat, which will debut on the new Boeing 777 aircraft in 2020.

The seat offers a lie-flat bed, and passengers will be able to choose between a flat-bed configuration or a more desk-like configuration that looks, and probably feels, like you’re sitting on your own personal throne in the center of the aircraft.

The airline will not be adding a first-class cabin to the 777s, so this will be as good as it gets. Lufthansa is up against business class offerings like Delta One, which have set a new standard for business class seating.

Lufthansa said in a statement that the new seats offer “a significantly increased amount of personal space, more privacy, as well as generous storage compartments and flat surfaces.”

Courtesy of Lufthansa

The seat was designed with sleeping in mind. The backrest of the new seats is designed to accommodate side sleepers in particular, letting shoulders sink a little for a comfier position. “This keeps the spine straight and makes it possible for side sleepers to also benefit from ideally healthy and relaxing sleep,” according to a statement from the airline.

While 2020 may feel far off, Lufthansa isn't waiting to add some upgrades. New mattresses, a sleeping sweater, and lined blankets will be available to business class passengers on long-haul flights next year.