The Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Auckland spends more than 16 hours in the air.

Qatar Airways begins the world's longest flight.
Credit: Laser1987/Getty Images

Passengers traveling from Doha to Auckland, New Zealand, on Qatar Airways' inaugural flight between the two destinations are in for a long ride this Sunday.

In fact, at 16 hours 20 minutes, the flight clocks in as the longest air route in the world. (And thanks to winds, the return trip will be even longer.)

Crossing 10 time zones, the flight departs Sunday morning at 5:10 a.m. and skims over Dubai, the Indian Ocean, and western Australia before finally touching down in Auckland on Monday morning, at 7:30 a.m.

There are still seats available, priced at about $1,265 one-way for economy; business class is over $4,500 a pop. The route has been in the works for a while, but the launch was delayed a few months due to delivery of the Boeing 777s needed for the long-haul trip.

The flight is a one-up on Emirates, which started a 8,902-mile service between Dubai and Auckland just a few months ago. The Doha service, meanwhile, comes to 9,032 miles.

But Qatar Airways won't get to revel in their record for too long: Singapore Airlines is hot on their heels with a planned Singapore to New York route for 2018. That one would top all flight lengths at 9,529 miles.

It's worth noting that Air India's Delhi to San Francisco route still claims the longest number of miles in air because of its choice of route. But according to the the “Great Circle” theory, the Doha-Auckland flight wins out for pure geographic distance.