No excuses to stay home.

Flights from the U.S. to international destinations in Europe and Asia have plummeted in the past year, according to flight aggregator and search engine Skyscanner, making it an awesome time to travel.

The average price of flights to Europe has dipped by nearly 30 percent year over year, compared with April 2015-March 2016. For long-haul flights — lasting six hours or longer — the average ticket price has dipped by about $300, according to data shared with Travel + Leisure.

Destinations even further away, such as Tokyo and Bangkok, are down approximately 15 percent year over year.

Credit: Greg Bajor/Getty Images

Amsterdam came in as the destination that had seen the starkest decrease, with the average ticket price dropping from $1,010.24 round trip to $769.82 — a dip of 23.7 percent. Paris was second, down 23.2 percent to $776.09, and Milan nabbed the third place spot, down nearly 20 percent to $781.09.

The price of flights is likely to remain low, as low-cost carriers have extended to transatlantic flights. Norweigan Air announced its intention to create flights as low as $69 round-trip.

The exchange rates in Europe continue to be favorable for U.S. travelers, on both the continent and the U.K. Great Britain’s planned exit from the European Union has caused a good deal of economic uncertainty, causing the pound to remain weaker, meaning prices are lower for U.S. residents. Roundtrip flights to London were down 18.6 percent from an average of $1,005.57 per ticket to $818.35.