Credit: Willie B. Thomas/Getty Images

Airports can be nasty. Tired, grungy feet can make it even nastier.

That’s why CloudSpa, located in the London Gatwick airport, is offering free a free manicure or pedicure to lucky couples traveling together.

“Offering the free treatments for couples will hopefully encourage more men to try treatments to get beach ready and feel less worried about what their partner thinks of their grooming habits,” said Joel Sutton, CEO of CloudSpa, to The Metro.

The offer is based on the airport’s survey of 2,000 customers. In the survey, 64 percent men admitted that they did no pre-vacation grooming, while 87 percent of women said that they did.

The survey also found that 61 percent of women would want their partner to do more, and 19 percent of men believe their partner is embarrassed by their lack of pre-vacation beauty prep.

Not that men or women should be self-conscious about their looks, but a little grooming never hurt anyone. Plus, a free pampering before stuffing yourself onto a plane sounds like a very good idea.

Besides, nothing ruins a vacation like hobbit feet.

The spa is offering the freebie to only four couples per day, and it is first-come, first-serve. So if you want to indulge before your flight, get there early.