They're not exactly the most direct routes.
Pilot Sky Writing
Credit: Getty Images

If you think about it, the sky is basically one giant, blue canvas. And that's precisely why the aviation company Lightspeed is challenging pilots to put their flying (and art) skills to the test with a special drawing contest called the Wild Blue Doodle.

Using a flight tracking program called CloudAhoy, pilots all over the country can draw intricate designs in the sky — and clearly see who is the best Picasso (or pilot) in the air.

Some of the designs resemble animals, fighter jets, sneakers, and even cartoon characters. One wry pilot flew his DA40 plane in the shape of a DA40, according to Atlas Obscura.

Now that judges have selected the top 10 based on artistry and challenge, other users of the software can get to vote on their favorite. The winner of the contest will receive a new headset (worth $850), and the two runners up will get a fancy leather flight bag.

Head to the Wild Blue Doodle website to select your favorite aerial doodles. Public voting will end on October 9, and the winners will be announced on October 11.

Choose wisely, sky art fans.