Travelers complained of up to an hour wait times after LAX banned curbside pickup.

LAX pickup
Credit: Getty Images

On Wednesday, officials at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) expanded the rideshare lot after travelers revolted over the disastrous new pickup system.

Just a week ago, the airport introduced a new rideshare pickup system, which meant instead of getting a curbside pickup, those using apps like Uber and Lyft had to take a shuttle to a parking lot and wait for their ride there. The system caused pure chaos and confusion at the airport and caused passengers to wait up to an hour just to get picked up.

As of 3 a.m. on Wednesday morning, the lot was expanded by 50 percent to help bring in more cars and mitigate wait times.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Lyft's cars were moved into the newly expanded area and Uber expanded into Lyft's former space. Taxi cabs that are not a part of ride-sharing apps will also have additional space, officials explained.

Spokespeople from the ride-sharing apps had warned airport staff that the new rule would lead to the exact congestion that happened. Some passengers, ABC7 explained, also saw surge pricing on the apps due to the long wait times.

However, LAX officials say the new ride-sharing pickup method is necessary as the airport undergoes the construction of a new airport train. The new pickup system, officials told The Los Angeles Times, will remain in place until the airport finishes building the elevated airport train. That isn't slated for completion until 2023.

However, some travelers have figured out a few ways around the system including hiring a private car service, calling an Uber Black, or taking a shuttle to a nearby hotel to call an Uber from there. But workarounds come with its own controversy as many are calling it a new "poor tax," meaning those who can afford a private car get better service than those who can't.

The system is also causing major headaches for those who have a disability, which makes getting on a shuttle, traveling to a new lot, getting out, and calling a cab from there, more than just a time hassle.

Perhaps the best way to get around the new system is to ask friends or family to pick you up. Otherwise, just be mentally prepared to wait.