LAX Will Now Require All Travelers to Wear Face Masks

The new rule takes effect May 11.

Man wearing facemask leaving LAX Airport
Photo: VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) announced new measures this week to keep travelers safe, including its latest rule that all travelers coming into LAX terminals must wear a mask.

“Beginning Monday, May 11, all persons within LAX terminals will be required to wear face coverings,” airport officials shared in a statement. “This policy is in line with guidance from public health officials and mirrors the City of Los Angeles’ policy regarding the use of face coverings in stores and restaurants.”

Officials noted this new requirement is an extension of the airport’s existing policy that requires all Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) employees to also wear face coverings in public areas of terminals and office buildings. “Anyone not wearing a face covering will be asked to put one on,” the statement said.

Officials suggested all guests bring a face covering with them to wear throughout their “airport journey.” This can mean a few things, according to officials, who noted city and county guidance that face coverings can mean “fabric face coverings, scarves or bandanas. Face coverings can be made from a T-shirt, towel, or other fabric held in place by rubber bands or other fasteners.”

Travelers should be warned that Federal Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers may “ask guests to adjust or remove face coverings during the security screening process.”

Beyond masks, officials and the TSA recommend travelers wash their hands or use hand sanitizer both before and after security screenings to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

“Many airlines have already begun or will be implementing policies requiring face coverings on airplanes,” officials said, alluding to airlines like Delta, JetBlue, and United’s new rules calling for all passengers to cover their faces on flights. “Similar to airline policies, guests at LAX are allowed to remove their masks for a short time in order to consume food or beverages but must put their masks back on when they are finished eating.” Need help finding a few masks to add to your carry-on? Check out these brands making face masks for all right now.

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