Las Vegas Airport
Credit: Getty Images

Airports are full of secret spots that are perfect for catching a bit of shut-eye. Even if you've traveled through McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, there's a good chance you didn't notice the private bedrooms available for travelers in dire need of a spot to lay their heads for a couple of hours.

The room is managed by ZEROlevel Fitness & Wellness, which rents the rooms for as little as $5 per hour. You can also purchase blocks of hours for a discounted rate (10 hours for $60, etc). This room fee will also grant you access to ZEROlevel Fitness' gym and showers.

In an interview with Travel Pulse, ZEROlevel Operations Manager Alexa Hayon shared that most of the club's members are airport and airline employees, so far. Right now, this is the only ZEROlevel airport location, but they have considered expanding.

Now, you will want to ask yourself one question before getting too excited: do you really want to spend some time napping in a bed at an airport notorious for transporting booze-filled travelers to and from the many casinos and bars of The Strip? There's no shame in either answer—good sleep is good sleep.