Korean Air
Credit: jcheris/Getty Images

Is first class on its way out? An increasing number of airlines including British Airways, Delta, and United are trading in their first class seats in favor of more business class and economy seating, and now first class seating on certain Korean Air flights is the latest to bite the dust.

According to the Straits Times, Korean Air announced on Wednesday that it is removing first class seats from 27 international flights starting in June, leaving only two seating options (economy and prestige) on 76 of its 111 routes.

The company said the change was due to low demand for first class tickets, and a need to maximize profitability and efficiency. At the moment, there is no first class seating for most of Korean Air’s short-haul routes, according to the Straits Times.

First class seating demand has dwindled in recent years, despite the incredible perks like lie-flat seats, more privacy, more legroom, and better food. According to The Economist, executives are opting for business class, and many former first class customers are choosing to fly private.

View From The Wing pointed out that the increasing quality of business class seating has become a factor as well.

But if you are still hoping to kick back in first class, Korean Air will still be offering the option for its major short-haul routes, including Beijing, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Osaka, and Manila, among others.

“We will do our best to minimize the inconvenience of first-class passengers and maintain quality service for prestige-class passengers," a Korean Air spokesperson told the Straits Times.

But even as first class seats give way to business, economy class will still be the main go-to for many travelers. If you can’t afford a premium ticket (or it's not offered on your route), here are still some ways to make your economy seat feel like first class anyway.