Kitten cuddling with person
Credit: Getty Images

Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina has figured out the purrr-fect way to travel.

Many airports offer stress- and anxiety-relieving services, mostly in the form of comfort animals like dogs, pigs, and even miniature horses. Charlotte Douglas International, which already offers support dogs to anxious fliers, is now upping their services with a pack of adorable kittens as well.

According to WCNC, the airport will have a special Kitten Cuddle on Aug. 8, hosting 10 cute little felines from CMPD Animal Care and Control for passengers to fawn over. The event will only last from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., so passengers should be quick to get their pets and nuzzles in. The event will be in the Atrium at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

The first-ever kitten cuddle is part of the airport’s TLC from CLT program, a plan to thank passengers by offering pampering services to make flying more enjoyable.

The airport also has 31 dogs on staff for passengers to ease their nerves before boarding, according to the Charlotte Observer. Cats have been used as stress relievers at other airports, including Denver International Airport and Calgary International Airport.

Perhaps this event could inspire the airport to add comfort cats to its regular crew. We can only hope.