Now that's a grand entrance.

Two-year-old traveler Guy Jakubowicz had a pleasant surprise for fellow passengers when boarding a Southwest flight recently, making it a point to fist-bump every flier he passed as he made his way down the aisle.

Guy’s mother, Alya Jakubowicz, posted the video of her son’s adorable entrance on Instagram before Southwest Airlines posted it to their own Facebook, garnering thousands of comments from impressed fliers.

In the video, Guy can be seen walking down the aisles, making an effort to say hello and request a bump from even the most distracted of passengers, who can’t help but smile after the friendly interaction.

“Grown men were chuckling and laughing, saying how great he was; he even encouraged those with their heads in a screen to look up and interact in the positive way,” Guy’s mother told ABC.

And, it turns out, Guy’s love for first-bumping actually started while he was on another flight.

While waiting for delays on the runway when Guy was 18 months old, Anya was letting him walk in the aisles when a man on the plane taught him his first fist-bump, she told NBC.

Even Guy's 6-year-old sister welcomes everyone on a flight when she boards a plane, an act that their mother told NBC helps passengers feel more at ease about flying on a plane with toddlers.