JetBlue Flight Diverted
Credit: Getty Images

From bad weather to mechanical issues, there are several reasons why a plane would have to make a diversion or emergency landing. Sometimes, it’s an issue of an unruly passenger.

According to WSVN, a JetBlue flight traveling from the Dominican Republic to New York City on Tuesday had to make a flight diversion to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport because a female passenger was shouting that the plane was going to “crash.”

Flight crews take outbursts like this with the utmost seriousness, so making an emergency landing in order to remove an unruly passenger is standard procedure.

In the past, other airlines have had to escort passengers off flights due to similar incidents, including a woman on a United Express flight who was shouting “I am God” while trying to pry open the plane doors (even though that is next to impossible at cruising altitude).

Most incidents are not as dramatic, and they usually involve drunk passengers, like a man on an American Airlines flight that continually did pull-ups on the plane’s overhead bin.

The woman on the JetBlue flight was apparently triggered by something on the plane’s TV monitors, screaming, “You don’t believe me! It’s gonna crash! You guys, believe me, it’s gonna crash! Look at your monitors! We’re in the water!” according to WSVN.

The woman continued to scream about the plane being in the water even after it had landed in Florida, WSVN reported.

It is unclear what on the monitors upset the woman. After landing in Fort Lauderdale, federal air marshals escorted her off the flight, the New York Post reported. She was later taken to a mental health evaluation. It is unclear what the results of the evaluation are.

A video of the woman’s outburst was posted to Instagram, but it has since been removed, the New York Post reported.