Everything You Need to Know About JetBlue Baggage Fees

Know before you go.

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While most airlines take a direct approach to baggage fees (pay this amount per bag), JetBlue's is slightly more tailored, designed to ensure travelers don't spend money unnecessarily.

It all begins with the booking process: once you've selected your destination and travel dates, JetBlue then offers a menu with three tiers of airfare, allowing travelers to choose the option that best suits their luggage needs.

For example, let's say you're heading to New Orleans for a wedding, and even though it's just a three-day trip, you already know you're going to be flying with two outfit-crammed suitcases. Travelers flying with extra baggage should opt for the airline's "Blue Flex" fare, which automatically comes with a first and second checked bag.

Traveling light? The cheaper "Blue" fare option assumes you won't have any bags to check — but if your load should subsequently expand, you can always add a checked bag to your itinerary ($25 for the first, $35 for the second) later, either online or at the airport kiosk.

There's a mid-level option, too, called "Blue Plus." This package includes one free checked bag, with a second checked bag costing $35.

Regardless of which fare category you select, a third (or fourth, or fifth) piece of luggage will run you $100.

Whether you opt for a Blue or a Blue Flex-fare, travelers should note that checked bags should not exceed 50 pounds or the airline's size limit. If your bag is too heavy or too large, you'll be asked to pay a $100 penalty.

What’s the catch?

Keep in mind that with JetBlue's three different fare options, it's not all about the baggage. A quick glance at this index shows there are a considerable number of reasons (TrueBlue booking points, waived cancelation fees, and expedited security, to name a few) why a customer would choose one particular fare option over another.

What’s included?

No matter which fare you select, one carry-on and one personal item are always allowed, free of charge, with every JetBlue reservation.

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