JetBlue just gave a new mom a unique gift.

Mid-flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico, to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Saturday, a woman gave birth to a baby boy, USA Today reported.

JetBlue Airways Plane Named After Baby
Credit: Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call

JetBlue spokeswoman Jen Dang said that the crew and medical professionals were quick to respond to the woman when she went into labor during the flight. She added that the baby was the “youngest customer to date.”

A member of JetBlue’s ground operations, Yaqui Ramos, shared photos of the crew and newborn, Yahoo Lifestyle reported. The flight, originally planned to be two hours and 51 minutes, landed about 11 minutes early at its destination.

In honor of the special delivery, JetBlue tweeted that it would be renaming its plane after the newborn boy.

“Giving storks a day off. With mom’s okay, we’d like to rename ‘Born To Be Blue’ after our newest baby blue and our youngest customer ever. More baby shower gifts to come,” the airline tweeted.

It’s unclear what other gifts the boy is receiving from the airline, but he could be getting some serious perks. A baby born on Jet Airways in 2017 got free travel with the airline for the rest of his life.

Similarly, a baby born at Six Flags was granted a lifetime of free entry to the park. Sometimes it pays to be born in inconvenient places.

The JetBlue baby and mom are reportedly doing well after the in-flight delivery. The baby boy’s actual name has not been released.