short shorts
Credit: Getty Images

JetBlue gate agents stopped a passenger from boarding her flight out of Boston because her outfit was "not appropriate."

The woman, a performer who goes by the name Maggie McMuffin, was denied entry on her flight home because her shorts were too short, according to Seattle news station, KIRO-TV.

She had boarded a flight in New York City wearing a sweater, thigh high socks, and shorts with no incident, but was stopped trying to board her connecting flight in Boston’s Logan Airport.

According to the passenger, "The flight crew had discussed it and the pilot had decided that I needed to put something else on or I would not be allowed to board the flight."

"I was told it was the pilot's final say so these are not official rules that can be broken," she told KIRO. As she did not have other clothing with her, she offered to tie a sweater around her waist or wrap her legs in a blanket once on board, but was told that was not sufficient. She ultimately needed to buy a pair of pajama bottoms for $22.

The airline has issued a statement on the issue, denying that the passenger was barred from boarding. "We support our crewmembers' discretion to make these difficult decisions," JetBlue said in a statement, claiming that the passenger was “politely asked if she could change” when the flight crew "determined the burlesque shorts may offend other families on the flight."

JetBlue did give the woman a $200 credit and a refund for the new shorts. According to KIRO news, McMuffin would like the pilot to apologize and for the airline to establish a “clear dress code for airline passengers.”