Free Wi-Fi from the moment you board to the moment you land.
JetBlue Fly-Fi
Credit: Getty Images

JetBlue has become the first airline to provide free, high-speed Wi-Fi on all flights.

The airline announced Wednesday that it will offer its “Fly-Fi” aboard every aircraft—from the departure gate to the arrival gate—so that customers can stay connected without having to wait for the aircraft to ascend beyond 10,000 feet. With Fly-Fi, passengers can watch free movies, stream content from Amazon Video, browse the web, and use messaging apps.

There is also the option to shop on Amazon on board, and earn JetBlue's TrueBlue points for each dollar spent on purchases.

JetBlue Fly-Fi
Credit: Courtesy of JetBlue

JetBlue first introduced Fly-Fi aboard a single aircraft back in 2013, before unveiling it on its entire fleet of 227 Airbus A320s, A321s, and Embraer 190s. The Wi-Fi comes in addition to entertainment amenities already available to customers that include 36 channels of Direct TV on its E190 and A320 aircrafts and more than 100 channels on its A321.