For Mother's Day, JetBlue Rewarded Passengers Every Time a Baby Cried Onboard

baby on plane
Photo: JetBlue

In honor of Mother's Day, JetBlue is celebrating its tiniest passengers and the patient moms that come with them. Last Sunday, the airline launched the first ever “FlyBabies” flight, wherein fliers would receive 25 percent off of their next ticket every time a baby cried.

The flight took place from New York to Long Beach, California and featured several fussy babies. Passengers rolled their eyes until the flight attendant made a surprising announcement. “We all know when we’re flying with babies and they cry on the plane it can be hard on all of us,” the cabin crewmember said in a video released by JetBlue. “This will be the very first flight where crying babies is a good thing. Every time a baby on this plane cries, you will received 25 percent off your next JetBlue flight.” That meant four cries was equal to a free round-trip ticket.

“JetBlue decided to take this on by launching FlyBabies to show that empathy towards moms traveling with little ones can be worth it," read the release. "And ask fellow travelers to think twice before giving the occasional side-eye." Have a look at the video, above.

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