By Stacey Leasca
April 09, 2019
JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes
Credit: Kathy Willens/AP/REX/Shutterstock

JetBlue’s CEO Robin Hayes may make a reported $3 million a year, but that doesn’t mean he’s too good to pick up trash.

On Friday, Hayes was spotted on a JetBlue flight between Washington D.C. and Boston sitting in the economy section. The CEO, who first joined the company in 2008 as its chief commercial officer before moving on as its president and named CEO in 2015, reportedly stood up, took over the mic from the cabin crew, and hosted a bingo-style flight giveaway with the passengers. Then, following the game, Hayes worked alongside the cabin crew to collect trash and tidbits from passengers.

"JetBlue Airways CEO Robin Hayes got on the mic on my flight today to give away a couple of tickets to random passengers by playing seat bingo,” Joe Chase of Lake Street Advisor wrote on Linkedin. “When returning to his seat (flying economy) he walked down the aisle of the plane collecting trash from passengers. No job is below the CEO!"

Chase’s post went viral and his comments section quickly filled with praise for the airline CEO.

"What a lovely thing to do," Cathy Cullen, a senior procurement manager at the National Health Service in Scotland, wrote in the comments. "Never seems to happen on any airplanes I have traveled on."

“Well done, Mr. Hayes. Whether running a Fortune 500 or a small company, it’s all about the team,” William Asher, CEO of a North Carolina-based construction firm, added in the comments.

Of the CEO sighting, a JetBlue spokesperson told DailyMail, “It’s always nice to see customers recognizing the efforts of any of our crewmembers, though Robin’s in-cabin fun is a common occurrence.” The spokesperson added, “When any of JetBlue’s leaders travel, they often look for the opportunity to connect with customers and help our crewmembers wherever they’re able.”