She's just like us! Kind of.

By Erika Owen
October 05, 2016

Jennifer Aniston has been the celebrity face of Emirates airline for a while now.

In a new ad for the airline, she's not just celebrating the famed First Class cabin set-up—she's also flying economy.

Her previous video for the airline took us into one of her literal nightmares: a plane without a bar or showers (the horror). Of course, she woke up from her dream to the Emirates' stunning First Class seats.

This time around, she's taking on two of a frequent flyer's most feared topics: kids and the middle seat. After teaming up with Cooper, a kid who made his way to the First Class cabins while his family hangs out in economy, she takes a tour of the plane's offerings and eventually finds their way back to Cooper's family.

It's all very heartwarming, especially given the fact that she gives up her amazing lie-back seat to Cooper's mom. If only we could all be so lucky.