By Jessica Plautz
July 19, 2016
16-Year-Old Becomes Youngest Black Pilot to Cross the Continental U.S.
Credit: Mark Kudler,Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum

Isaiah Cooper, a 16-year-old from Compton, California, has become the youngest black pilot to cross the continental United States.

Cooper started his journey on July 5, and crossed 8,000 miles in 13 days, according to NBC Los Angeles.

He had one mishap along the way: He had to make an emergency landing in Wyoming when he encountered a microburst. His plane was damaged upon landing, and he had to wait for a replacement plane.

But on Monday, he touched down in Compton after completing the trip.

“There's a higher power that's always there trying to have you focused so whatever you want to do, you can do it,” Cooper told NBC. “Just put your mind to it.”

Next year, Cooper hopes to become the youngest black pilot to fly solo around the world. To reach that goal, he is attempting to raise $45,000.