By Erika Owen
April 05, 2016
Thomas Cook Airlines
Credit: Getty Images

Little did you know (or maybe you did), airplanes can be impounded—just like cars. Four years ago, a German traveler experienced a 22-hour delay on a Thomas Cook airlines flight from Vienna to the Caribbean. In response to the horrific scenario, the airline was supposed to pay the passenger $680 in fines for the inconvenience, as laid out in regulations from the European Union that calls for airlines to compensate flyers on delayed or canceled flights based on a fixed tariff corresponding to the extent of the delay and the distance.

After the unidentified passenger came forward and shared that the airline had not compensated her, a court order was obtained. Condor—Thomas Cook's sister brand—has since paid the fine, but it doesn't erase the fact that airplanes can actually be impounded.

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