In-flight entertainment doesn’t get better than this.
Icelandair flight Stopover Pass Ahead of Time Performance Live Entertainment
Credit: Courtesy of Icelandair

Some flights may provide screens for in-flight movies or T.V. while you’re traveling on long flights, but Icelandair did its customers even better with a live theater performance with professional actors.

Earlier this month, the airline's cabin crew, who trained with the British immersive theater group Gideon Reeling, performed a three-act play, "Ahead of Time," during a transatlantic trip from London to New York.

The play essentially told the story of the airline's history, starting in 1937, and moved through decades of air travel. While some might see this as free advertising, many passengers found the performance to be quite entertaining.

“I thought it would be awful. It wasn’t. In fact, as the actors moved around the cabin, regaling passengers with their stories, I was genuinely entertained,” one reported on board told The Telegraph.

Performers traipsed down the aisles as travelers from the 1950s and hippies from the 1960s. The play also called attention to the first all-female crew made famous by Icelandair.

According to Mashable, the play began before take-off and continued as the flight landed in New York — making the performance an exhausting 10 hours long.

The performance was part of Icelandair’s Stopover Pass, which encourages customers to spend time in Iceland before continuing on to other destinations. Other activities that are part of the pass include stand-up comedy, live music, and Icelandic performances at the airport lounge. The events are planned to continue through April.