IcelandAir Buddy Stopover Service
Credit: Courtesy of Icelandair

To entice more travelers to visit Iceland, Icelandair is bringing back its popular Stopover Buddy Service, pairing visitors with a member of the Icelandair team to offer exclusive tours and experiences in the country.

Since the airline offers stopovers in Iceland for up to seven nights without an additional fare or fee, its Stopover Buddy Service gives passengers the chance to explore some of Iceland’s top experiences and destinations through the eyes of a local—for free.

Starting Oct. 11 until March 31 of next year, Icelandair transatlantic passengers can request their own buddy to take them on excursions like seeing the Northern Lights on a private island, scaling down a volcano, or celebrating a birthday with a "Game of Thrones" expert.

Since the Stopover Buddies are locals, they can take visitors to some of the country’s best off-the-beaten-path locations and secret gigs. They can also help arrange birthday parties and weddings at a more affordable price.

Stopover Buddies include everyone from a member of Of Monsters and Men, who can take you to meet the band during the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival, to the captain of the women’s national football team, who’ll take you to local games across the country.

The buddies are also able to take you to popular festivals in Iceland, like the Winter Lights festival in Reykjavik and Iceland’s Annual Beer Day festivities.