How to Get to SFW Airport from NYC
Credit: Getty Images

When Norwegian Airlines announced $65 transatlantic flights on Thursday, the company also put several little-known airports on the radars of budget travelers.

Come July 1, New Yorkers will be able to get to Edinburgh, Belfast, Cork, Dublin, and Shannon from Stewart International Airport. However, getting to the airport could be more difficult than getting across the ocean.

Stewart Airport is about 60 miles north of Manhattan, in Orange County. And, at the moment, there are not a whole lot of options to reach the smaller airport.

As soon as service to all destinations begins on July 1, New Yorkers catching an international flight at Stewart Airport will be able to board an express bus from the city’s Port Authority bus terminal, according to the Times Herald-Record.

It’s unclear how long that bus service would take, but—wthout any traffic—driving from midtown Manhattan to Stewart Airport takes a little more than an hour.

For travelers without a car , there is also train service available. From New York City’s Grand Central Terminal, travelers can board Metro-North’s Hudson line until the Beacon station (about 90 minutes). From there, it’s possible to take a bus or taxi to Stewart Airport, about 10 miles away.

It’s also possible to reach Stewart Airport from Hoboken, New Jersey, via Metro-North’s Port Jervis line. Travelers can take the service to the Salisbury Mills Station, about three miles away from Stewart. From there, it’s possible to book a taxi to the airport.

Just remember: When you’re paying $65 to cross an ocean, it may be the destination that’s more enjoyable than the journey.