This Airline Is Hosting a Hello Kitty-themed Flight to Nowhere — and It Includes a Michelin-star Meal

The flight is to celebrate Father's Day in Taiwan.

EVA Air wants to honor Father’s Day in the most dad way possible: By turning this plane RIGHT around.

On Monday, EVA Air announced it will be honoring Father’s Day in Taiwan (celebrated on Aug. 8) by selling tickets to a flight to nowhere. The plane, decorated in Hello Kitty livery, will take off from Taipei Taoyuan Airport and will land several hours later back at the same location. All this work in an effort to get in the air again despite travel restrictions to other nations.

According to One Mile at a Time, the flight will be in the air for just under three hours. It will take off and fly toward Japan reaching a cruising altitude of 25,000 feet. It will then turn and fly over Taiwan’s eastern coastline, pass Guishan Island, the east coast of Hua, and then fly south to Eluanbi and Xiaoliuqiu, before turning around to head back.

EVA Air Boeing 777-300ER Hello Kitty livery landing at Vancouver International Airport
Alvin Man/Getty Images

The flight, One Mile at a Time reported, will depart at 10:30 a.m. local time and will operate under flight number BR5288, which is meant to sounds similar to “BR I love Dad” in Chinese.

Beyond just the fight itself, guests on board will also be treated to a special amenity kit filled with gifts, and will also be given the chance to purchase Hello Kitty duty-free items at a steep discount. Passengers will also be served a seafood feast designed by Michelin three-star chef Motokazu Nakamura.

Tickets for the flight to nowhere will go on sale for about $180 for economy seats and about $215 for business class seats.

This isn’t the first semi-travel experience to happen at Songshan Airport in Taiwan. In June, the airport hosted a half-day fake travel experience that allowed people to check-in, go through security, and even allowed them to board and disembark from a plane. And really, this all sounds like a fabulous “trip” right about now.

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