Sorry, Prince George. It's just a joke.
Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 - The Queen's Terminal
Credit: Steve Parsons - PA Images/Getty Images

The youngest members of Britain’s Royal family are getting a pretty big tribute at Heathrow Airport this week. Or, are they?

According to a press release by the London Heathrow Airport, the airport is planning to rename its four terminals in honor of the young children of Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, and the expected fourth child coming this spring.

Terminal 2, currently known as the Queen’s Terminal, will be named after the youngest royal baby. At the moment, the baby’s name is not known, so the new terminal name is still to be announced.

According to the release, Terminal 5, which is the busiest terminal with 89,000 passengers passing through it per day, will be renamed for Prince George. Terminal 4, which operates 34 different airlines, will be named for Princess Charlotte. Terminal 3 will be renamed for the youngest arrival, Prince Louis.

In addition, runway slots “will be allocated in order of succession to the throne,” according to the press release. So, anyone flying out of Prince Louis Terminal, plan accordingly.

“Heathrow has a long history of being a transport hub for the U.K. and for the British royal family, and we are proud to usher in the newest generation of royals by giving them each their own terminal,” the airport said in a press release. “As the royal family prepares to welcome their new arrival, we’ll be gearing up to welcome our own special arrivals during the Easter holiday peak.”

The airport says in its press release that is changing signs and briefing all personnel (including cab drivers) in conjunction with the name changes in time for April 12, the airport’s busiest travel day.

Of course, if you haven’t caught on to the ostentatiousness of such a huge, sudden change, don’t worry. Heathrow noted a disclaimer at the end of its press release that this is all just a big, elaborate prank. Happy April Fools’ Day.

Companies, including airlines, like to play pranks on April 1. In the past, WestJet teased customers about “child-free” flights, and Southwest launched a fake campaign promoting CashLav, a Cash Cab knock-off that lets unsuspecting passengers earn cash while visiting random in-flight bathrooms.

Looks like the Royal children will have to put their names on some other buildings. Maybe when they get older.