There’s a reason we all put up with the chaos of airports for the holidays.

After spending (what feels like) hours to pass through security and then arriving at the gate to find all the power outlets have already been taken or that a drink at the airport bar costs a small fortune, it’s all too easy to become jaded with holiday travel.

But London’s Heathrow airport is out to remind us all why we put up with the stress of an airport during the holidays: It’s what’s waiting on the other side.

In a new holiday ad, two teddy bears experience a dream arrival in Heathrow airport. They are shuttled on the back of a cart (underneath mistletoe!), pass through customs without any wait, and receive help getting their bags off the luggage carousel. And then because the whole thing is just too good to be true, there’s a surrealist twist at the end.

Whether you’re into the “Love, Actually”style of holiday airport reunions or something with more teddy bears, it’s always nice to be reminded why holiday travel feels so special.