TSA officer Igor Markasyan starts to empty the storage facility at Newark Liberty International Airport
Credit: Katherine Frey/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Lost luggage is a common enough occurrence, but Dublin Airport may be the Bermuda Triangle of befuddling lost paraphernalia.

A spokesperson for the airport told Ireland's Herald that a few years ago, a passenger left a headstone that read “you will always be remembered, never forgotten” in the departures area of Terminal 1.

It was, ironically enough, forgotten, and the headstone was never reclaimed.

But an even greater mystery is that the headstone isn’t even close to being the weirdest thing that has turned up in the airport.

Over the years, passengers have left behind an urn of human ashes (unclear if related to the headstone incident), a life-size mannequin, and a surprisingly large number of crutches and wheelchairs. Employees have also found a toilet seat and a sink at the airport’s entrance.

Passengers have one year to reclaim any item lost at Dublin Airport and can report any disappearances online. The airport discards items that have been abandoned for longer than one year.

However not every airport lost and found story is a sad one. Last month, the Dallas Love Airport reunited a four-year-old with his lost teddy bear after taking the stuffed animal on a bunch of adorable airport adventures.