Why wait for Moana's release when you can just fly with Hawaiian?

By Melanie Lieberman
October 17, 2016

Moana doesn’t hit theaters until November 23rd, but Hawaiian Airlines has already debuted its first of three Airbus A330s designed in collaboration with The Walt Disney Studios’ wildly anticipated animated classic.

Until March 2017, travelers flying with the Hawaii-based carrier have a chance to travel on these Moana-themed jets, one of which is already traveling on regularly scheduled domestic routes.

In an exclusive Moana-themed welcome video, Hawaiian Airlines explains the partnership is meant to “celebrate the traditions of the wayfinders who came before us.”

“We were inspired by the history of the great Polynesian voyagers,” said Moana producer Osnat Shurer in a statement. “They were the greatest navigators in the world—using [only] the stars, the waves, and the currents—[and] we’re very excited to work with the modern-day voyagers of Hawaiian Airlines.”

Fans can look forward to more than just livery featuring the stars of Moana: Disney’s first Polynesian princess and a gregarious demigod named Maui, along with their rooster friend Heihei and Pua the pig.

Inside the cabin, travelers visiting Hawaii (or any one of the airline's destinations) will enjoy the aforementioned welcome video, Polynesian decals and artwork from the film on overhead luggage bins, and exclusive in-flight entertainment (think: movie trailers and casting videos). The airline and Disney have even created a collection of limited-edition products, including earbuds and a plush “Born to Voyage” blanket that’s perfect for chilly airplane cabins. Products can be purchased in-flight on select routes, or online.

It gets better: Until October 23rd, you can even enter for a chance to attend the premiere in Hollywood by creating a caption for a Moana illustration—more on that here.