The Internet Cannot Get Enough of This Plane's Paint Job — See Why

"Condor is vacation and Condor is unmistakable" says the airline's CEO.

The colorful Condor fleet
Photo: Courtesy of Condor

Condor, a German leisure airline, debuted its new livery this week with plenty of internet buzz— the airline's planes will now be painted in bold, graphic stripes to resemble classic beach towels, parasols, and chairs.

"Condor is vacation and Condor is unmistakable - like our new design, with which we are now launching into the future," Ralf Teckentrup, CEO of Condor, said in a statement. "Our new trademark are stripes, our figurative mark stands for our origin and the colors for diversity."

A new Condor plane in Island green flying over Seychelles
Courtesy of Condor

Condor's new striped planes will come in five colors: yellow, red, blue, green, and beige. Each color represents a different aspect of vacation like sunshine, passion, sea, island, and beach (respectively).

Response to the new livery has run the gamut, with some Twitter users likening the stripes to Fruit Stripe gum or saying it looks like the airplane "just came out of prison." Others have said the new colors are "cool and youthful" or that they "want to fly exclusively on condor airlines because of how much I like this livery."

But no matter how people respond to the new paint job, one Twitter user pointed out an inarguable point: "What is clear is that we will never be confused when we see it."

A new Condor plane in Sea blue flying over the Maldives
Courtesy of Condor

The style revamp will also reach other corners of Condor, including crew uniforms (expect striped neckerchiefs, ties, and pins), dining items aboard the aircraft and signage throughout the airport.

The first passenger flight aboard one of the striped aircraft departed Frankfurt, Germany on April 5, with service to Lanzarote (one of Spain's Canary Islands). Six of the striped planes are expected to be in operation by this summer, flying passengers to Mallorca, the Canary Islands, Greece, and Egypt.

A new Condor plane in Sunshine yellow inflight
Courtesy of Condor

There are more than 50 aircraft in the Condor fleet, most of which will earn their stripes by 2024.

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