By Jordi Lippe and Jordi Lippe-McGraw
April 14, 2016
Getty Images

After learning about Air France’s plans to reinstate its Paris-Tehran route, some of the airline's LGBT cabin crew have started a petition against working in Iran, where LGBT people are punished as criminals. The petition was posted in French on, argues that “It is inconceivable to force someone to go to a country where his kind are condemned for who they are.” It goes on to say that homosexuality is illegal and punishable by 74 lashes for a minor or execution for an adult.

The petition, which is addressed to the French government and CEO of Air France, Frédéric Gagey, comes a little over a week after women working for the airline expressed outrage at being asked to wear headscarves on the route. Since then, airline officials have nixed the headscarf rule, saying “any woman assigned to the Paris-Tehran flight who for reasons of personal choice would refuse to wear the headscarf upon leaving the plane will be reassigned to another destination, and thus will not be obliged to do this flight."

Now LGBT cabin crew are saying they too should be able to opt out of flying to Iran. “Of course, sexuality is not written on passports and does not change the way the crew work,” the petition continues. "If the economic decision to open flights to Tehran is understandable, the moral issue is different. Human Rights in this country are almost non-existent.”

Since being posted the petition has received over 16,000 fans. The creator is asking for 25,000.