By Andrea Romano
November 06, 2018

Let’s be real, travelers have the attention spans of goldfish. Which is why flight crews are forced to find new ways to get passengers to pay attention to their safety instructions. And one surefire way to keep them engaged, as one flight attendant found, is through laughter.

Frontier Airlines flight attendant Daniel Sandberg used some recent pre-flight announcement time to not only inform passengers of the safety regulations, but he also used it as the ideal time to perfect his stand-up routine.

Some of the highlights of Sandberg’s hilarious announcement include introducing his fellow crew as his wife and his mistress, calling the flotation device an “itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny yellow polka-dot bikini,” adjusting your own mask before assisting “your favorite child,” saying oxygen will only be provided to “those of you who paid the extra $49.99” and telling people who did not pay attention to the demonstration, “good luck.”

Passenger Cindy Kuhn, who took the original video, told the Daily Mail, “It was fun to experience something like this first hand, just being there and having such a rare and hilarious moment happen. I felt lucky to be there...It tickled me to listen to him go on and on, it was the perfect way to end my trip.”

Sure, it’s funny, but we bet you know where the emergency exit rows are now, don’t you?