Frontier Airlines Accidentally Sent an Email Saying Thousands of Flights Were Canceled

Frontier Airlines
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On Thursday evening — just one week before the Thanksgiving holiday travel rush — customers planning to fly on Frontier Airlines received a truly dreaded email: There’s a problem with your flight.

The airline sent out a message to thousands of travelers saying their flight had an issue and asked the traveler to head to the company’s re-booking page.

“Dear valued customer, Frontier Airlines has recently made a change that affects a portion of your itinerary,” the email read in part. “Please contact Frontier Airlines to speak with an agent about your reaccommodation options.”

However, the email never mentions which segment of a flight is affected, if it includes roundtrip flights, and any reason for the changes. So, hundreds of flyers attempted to call the line, only to get a busy signal. They then took to social media to ask the airline what the heck was going on.

Finally, hours after the initial email was sent Frontier addressed its social media followers, saying it was all one big mistake.

“This evening, a technical problem generated an email to some customers stating their upcoming flight was canceled,” the airline shared in a tweet. “This email was sent in error. We sincerely apologize. You may confirm the details of your trip by entering your confirmation number on our website.”

The airline continued on its apology tour, telling The Points Guy, “We apologize to our customers for a technical issue in our reservations system that caused an email to be sent Thursday to some customers with reservations on Frontier Airlines erroneously indicating their flight had been changed.” The airline added, “We are investigating the cause and are communicating this error with our customers who can confirm their trip by entering their confirmation number on our website.”

Want to know what to do if your flight is actually canceled? Check out Travel + Leisure’s tips for what to do if you hit a travel snag, and always check in with your airline before heading to the airport just in case.

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