This travel-size hammock lets you instantly elevate your legs on a flight.

Device that lets children fly better on plane
Credit: Courtesy of Fly LegsUp

Having to be seated in an upright position for extended hours can get uncomfortable, which is why FlyLegsUp has created an in-flight hammock to help you get better sleep in economy class on long-haul flights.

The hammock attaches to the tray table in front of you, allowing you to elevate your legs during your flight. It also doubles as an extended bed for small children.

The adult hammock comes with two inflatable cushions and the kid hammock with three, so you can prop your legs up for additional comfort.

Jenny Cayzer, the creator of FlyLegsUp, originally made the product for adults as a way to reduce the swelling that can occur in the lower legs from sitting in an upright position while inactive for long periods of time.

After launching the product back in February of 2016, she realized the hammock could also be used as a bed for children, who would have more space to lie down.

"For most people, the luxuries of business class travel are not a possibility, but now all travelers not only have the option of a good night’s sleep, but also to reduce swelling on long plane journeys," Cayzer said in a press release. "The flight hammock also encourages movement by providing more seating options for travelers, helping with circulation and comfort."

FlyLegsUp has been reviewed by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to ensure it’s safe to use on flights, though it should only be used when the plane is in cruise mode and not during taxi, take-off, or landing.

FlyLegsUp is available online for adults at 79.95 AUD (about $57.50) and for children at 89.95 AUD (about $64.70).