Don't forget to watch the fees.

By Talia Avakian
October 26, 2016
Ryanair Sale
Credit: Ken Welsh/Getty Images

Ryanair is having a one-day sale, offering seats for as low as €2 (or roughly $2.18) on 100,000 seats aboard some 170 routes.

The offer is specifically for Tuesday and Wednesday flights for the month of November, so travelers able to take a last minute trip have the chance to grab a seat for almost nothing.

Customers will need to book before midnight Wednesday to take advantage of the deal, with sales available on Ryanair's website.

Travelers should take a look at Ryanair's fees before booking, however, since they can add up quickly (and remove the advantage of booking a super cheap flight).

And the company was experiencing technical issues with its website earlier and said it is working to “resolve the issue,” according to a post on Twitter.