Whether your flight is cancelled due to a severe thunderstorm or snow and ice, here's what you should do.
© CharlineXia Ontario Canada Collection / Alamy
| Credit: © CharlineXia Ontario Canada Collection / Alamy

Firstly, get busy. You have to be your own advocate: Go online, get on the phone, and step in line to get yourself rebooked. You can also try calling the airline’s international reservations desk—or, if you have access, speaking to the agents at an airport lounge.

Help your case by knowing if there are alternate seats available on other planes. For this, use the Seat Availability function on the website FlightStats.com.

You’ll also want to consider alternate airports to get home. You can always pick up a rental car and drive the rest of the way. Travel insurance should cover the cost of the rental.

And finally, get comfortable. You can usually buy a day pass to an airport lounge for about $50. Try Gateguru to locate the best airport bars and restaurants for waiting out a delay. Worst-case scenario? Use the Hotel Tonight app to find a great last-minute deal on a stylish hotel room.