Buckle up.

Fasten your seatbelts, everyone. You’re about to take off on a hilarious journey — and given the unsettling headlines dominating our feeds as of late, it’s clear we could all use a dose of comedy.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, upending our daily lives, some people are turning to the Internet for comfort and levity. Cue comedian Wes Barker and his wife, Kristen Gillett, a flight attendant for WestJet. Together, the couple filmed a sidesplitting sketch depicting a day in the life of a flight attendant working from home.

From signaling the safety exits in the house to asking her husband to stow away his laptop as a safety precaution to even offering a selection of duty-free alcohol, Kristen, dressed in a full flight attendant uniform, covers it all. Hot towels? Sweet or salty snacks? There’s that, too.

Kristen, like many others in and out of the travel industry, has been placed on a temporary leave due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions and lockdowns. While others are adjusting to a new work-from-home norm, Kristen doesn’t have that same luxury in her field. “We saw a lot of our friends working from home, and neither of us really has a job that applies to,” said Wes, who is in a similar position as a comedian, magician, and video content creator.

The lighthearted video, which racked up nearly one million views on YouTube at the time of publishing, provided some much-needed comedic relief, particularly for flight attendants and other folks working within the travel space.

Flight attendant working from home
Credit: WES Barker via YouTube

“This is such a scream! I'm a flight attendant and I can't stop watching it. I'll probably rack you up 1k views on my own. Great job!!” one commenter posted on YouTube. “I’m a flight attendant too. This is hilarious and so accurate. You are an amazing actress. The snacking behind the curtain killed me,” wrote another.

The laughs rolled in on Facebook, too. “Thank you so much! As a flight attendant with an uncertain future at the moment, this really made me laugh out loud. The whole thing was brilliant. All flight attendants around the world could sure use this right now and I know it’s being shared repeatedly throughout our FA community,” one commenter posted.

Another said: “I needed a good laugh already! I had tears coming down my face! You made my day! I know your job is not an easy one. I also work in the travel industry.”

But it didn't stop there. “My life nailed in a video. Thank you for the laughs. As I am heading into two months at home with no pay, this is the kind of motivation I need. I might even do this to my husband and kids,” another viewer wrote.

Overall, the responses have been overwhelmingly positive, according to Wes. “Kristen gets messages every day from flight attendants all over the world who think we nailed it, and that’s the biggest compliment of all,” he said.

As for what he wants people to get out of the video, Wes had a simple answer: “A laugh,” he said. “It’s so important when things are uncertain, and everyone is anxious and on edge, that you can still smile at the ridiculousness of some things.”