Flight Attendant on an airplane
Credit: Getty Images

The flight attendant may actually like you more than those passengers up in first class.

The matter of which class of service flight attendants prefer is a contentious one — and one that depends a lot on personality.

In first class, flight attendants are expected to provide personalized service to everyone.

“This takes a lot of extra time before the flight to learn everyone's name/seat assignment and remember it during the whole trip,” Heather Wilde, a former flight attendant, wrote on Quora. “There is no time to rest as you have to be able to cater to every passenger every minute of the flight — and ensure you still make all the required announcements at the right times.”

Of course, while some attendants may be annoyed by this highly personalized service, others enjoy it.

“On some routes, like New York, Tokyo, or Zurich, we’ll get the business crowd, with passengers who fly as often as twice a week and as a result, know the service inside and out, know exactly what they want and are usually a dream to work with,” Carrie A. Trey, a flight attendant, wrote on The Points Guy.

Almost everyone agrees that economy class service keeps a flight attendant busier. Although there are many (many) more mouths to feed, passengers are less likely to make special requests. Economy class service is straightforward, predictable and makes a shift go by quickly.

However, some airlines may assign different classes or responsibilities based on seniority. So when a flight attendant can make substantially more money by serving business or first class, those individual preferences may suddenly change.