Hero flight attendant
Credit: Rust/ullstein bild via Getty Images

Although it’s a common saying that "not all heroes wear capes," perhaps they all at least know how to fly.

A flight attendant helped land a Boeing 747 with 195 people on board when the co-pilot passed out, according to a new report by the German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation.

The flight attendant was working a TUIfly flight from Hannover to Mallorca on October 11 of last year when the plane got into trouble somewhere over France. The co-pilot passed out due to extremely low blood pressure, and the flight attendant had to take his place in the cockpit.

The co-pilot had just left the bathroom when he announced that he felt unwell and had to lie down in the front galley. A doctor onboard the aircraft responded and diagnosed the co-pilot as having extremely low blood pressure.

Despite the fact that before landing, the co-pilot was conscious, the pilot decided to land the plane without him. He called forward a member of the crew to assist him. The flight attendant helped perform pre-landing safety checks and the flight landed without any further incident.

The co-pilot was transferred to a local hospital where no serious issues were found.

A spokesperson for the airline said that cases like this are “extremely rare” and that the flight attendant was rewarded for jumping into action.