The mid-air scares were due to some not-so-scary problems.

By Jordi Lippe and Jordi Lippe-McGraw
May 03, 2016
Zenobia via

When looking out the window of your flight the last thing you want to see is a couple of fighter jets flying beside you. But that’s exactly what happened on two separate commercial flights in three days recently.

The first incident occurred on April 30, when a British Airways flight from Dubai to London was intercepted by Hungarian fighter jets—after the plane failed to announce itself when crossing the border. According to The Sun, Hungarian air authorities issued their highest alert and scrambled to send two Hungarian air force Gripens.

Despite the flight making its scheduled landing at Heathrow after communication was restored, some passengers were terrified by the incident. “It’s difficult to describe the feeling. You immediately imagine something’s wrong in the plane and you’re not aware of it or something’s wrong on the ground,” Sabrina Fawaz, who later uploaded the footage to YouTube, told MailOnline Travel. “My mouth went dry and I went hot and cold. It was terrifying.”

Amazingly, just a couple of days later an Air France flight was intercepted Monday over Yorkshire after the flight lost communication. “Quick reaction alert Typhoon aircraft were launched today from RAF Coningsby to identify an unresponsive civilian aircraft,” said an RAF spokesman said. “Communications were re-established and the aircraft has been safely landed.”

In this case while the passengers didn’t seem to be bothered by the encounter, those on the ground were shaken by the event after residents heard a sonic boom. “Confirmation from RAF that loud bangs heard across the county were sonic booms from RAF Typhoon jets,” the North Yorkshire police tweeted. “No cause for concern.”