It took her days to get back her lost luggage.
Moorish bazaar and narrow alleyways of the Souk, with a view into the market areas showing the incredible variety of wares for sale, Marrakech, Morocco
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An easyJet passenger was in for a surprise after landing in Morocco, where she learned her luggage had been left behind — and she’d have to go find it.

The passenger, Fi Taylor, shared the details of what she described as “the worst customer service I have ever experienced,” with The Guardian.

According to Taylor, the airline left her bag behind on her original flight from the U.K. to Essaouira, Morocco, and later informed her that the bag had been sent to Marrakech, which is about three hours away by car.

After receiving a notification by email and text that her bag would be at the airport in Marrakech, Taylor told The Guardian she took a three-hour bus to the city to collect it, only to be told again that it did not make it onto that flight either.

“After another hour staff at the airport were still unable to tell me where my bag was,” she said. “On the basis that we were told it would arrive the next day, we spent the night in Marrakech, only to get a call the next day to say it would actually arrive in Essaouira after all.”

However, after she left the next morning, she said she was told once again that the bag would actually arrive in Marrakech. She refused to return to Marrakech and demanded the bag be sent to Essaouira as promised.

After arriving in Essaouira, Taylor was finally able to get her luggage, though she told The Guardian the back and forth cost her hundreds of pounds in expenses. She said the airline offered 125 British pounds as compensation.

EasyJet released a statement apologizing for the delay and saying that they offered 25 British pounds a day to cover the luggage delay.

“EasyJet is the only airline in Europe with an industry-leaing 'bag tracker' tool which sends SMS and email updates tracking the bag throughout its journey; we operate more than 1,700 flights per day across 31 countries and incidents of lost baggage are extremely low,” a spokeswoman for the airline said in the statement.

The airline added that its customer service team has reached out to Taylor to try and resolve the complaint.