April Fools.

By Erika Owen
March 31, 2017
Credit: Rendering: Emirates

If there's one thing the current airplane experience is missing, it's a dip in a pool, mid-flight. Emirates wants to right that wrong — on the day right before April Fools Day — with a new design for the world's largest commercial airplane.

Credit: Rendering: Emirates

A tweet from the airline reveals very little, but what it does share would be incredibly exciting had this not been a prank: Not only do they want to add a swimming pool to the airplane, but they also promise a game room, gym, and a park.

That's a pretty tall order, given we all get over-excited when there's a in-flight bar onboard. Forget complaining about leg room — you're about to experience a whole new level of envy if this swimming pool thing becomes a reality.

Credit: Rendering: Emirates

Oh, if only this were a thing some airline would actually make happen. April Fools, go away.