Shortest Jumbo Jet Flight
Credit: Victor Fraile/Power Sport Images/Getty Images

Emirates has launched the world’s shortest scheduled service on an Airbus 380, flying the aircraft from Dubai to Doha—a total distance of 375 kilometers—in 80 minutes.

The flight took off from Dubai on Thursday and arrived at the Hamad International Airport to a water cannon salute, signaling the start of the speedy service.

The double-decker A380 is the world’s largest commercial aircraft in service, and comes complete with Emirates’ prized amenities like shower spas and first class private suites.

Inside, the aircraft has a three-class configuration, with 76 flat-bed seats in its business class cabin, 14 first class private suites on its upper deck, and 429 economy class seats.

There are more than 2,500 on-demand channels to choose from onboard, although 80 minutes isn't that much time to take advantage of the in-flight entertainment.

The A380 currently operates across more than 45 global destinations.