By Cailey Rizzo
November 13, 2017
Credit: Courtesy of Emirates

Isolation is the new luxury in travel, and Emirates is taking privacy to the extreme with new first class suites designed for passengers who want to spend their entire flight without having to interact with — or even see — another human being.

The airline revealed their new suites, which are the “first in the industry to be fully closed with sliding doors that extend to the cabin ceiling,” at the Dubai Airshow over the weekend.

Credit: Courtesy of Emirates

The 40-square-foot suites are outfitted with a number of impressive technological features, but perhaps the most unique selling point is the privacy.

First class passengers don’t even need to interact with the crew, if they so choose. An in-suite minibar allows passengers to serve themselves beverages. There’s even a service window through which passengers can receive food and drinks.

In the event that passengers need to place a request, they can use the suite’s “room service” feature, which allows them to use voice and/or video calls to communicate with staff. (There’s still a button to press to call a flight attendant over to the suite for face-to-face interaction.)

Inside the suite, there’s a 32-inch HD screen with in-flight entertainment with noise-canceling headphones. Those who want old-school entertainment can start a travel journal in the leather-bound notebook included in the amenity kit.

Credit: Courtesy of Emirates

Passengers can customize the lighting and temperature in their suites via a remote control or tablet device. When it’s time for bed, passengers can cue the appropriate relaxing lighting, slip into Emirates pajamas, and use the complimentary sleep oil and pillow mist. The seat reclines completely flat and can be also put in a “zero gravity” position.

Suites located in the middle aisle are fitted with “virtual windows” that stream live views from the outside of the plane. Those with real windows can use a pair of safari binoculars to look out on the world below.

Credit: Courtesy of Emirates

The six-suite first class cabin will premiere on the Boeing 777-300ER aircraft next month. They will be on flights from Dubai to Brussels and Geneva.

Emirates' announcement follows Singapore's unveiling of its new suites coming to the Airbus A380. Like Emirates, Singapore will be offering privacy, tons of customization, and lie-flat comfort — if you can afford it.