This pilot deserves a round of applause.

Landing an aircraft is not an easy job, especially in an emergency. Pilots usually have no control over what they have to deal with on the ground, so they have to think fast with whatever conditions they’re given — including landing on a highway.

Drivers on the Sunrise Highway in Long Island, New York, witnessed this kind of expert piloting first-hand when a small aircraft had to make an emergency landing on Wednesday. In the video, both the driver and passenger in the car behind the aircraft were stunned with the pilot’s incredible landing. The plane touches down and pulls off the road without even disturbing traffic flow.

Some drivers can’t even maneuver that well.

According to ABC News, the pilot’s name was Jim O’Donnell, and he was the only person on board the small aircraft, a Cessna. He had no choice but to land on the highway after a mechanical failure.

“It wasn't good, but here I am,” he told reporter NJ Burkett. “No bent metal.”