Check out the gestures members of the cabin crew use to communicate on flights.


Airline crew members sometimes use secret signals to communicate with each other on flights, and a new video from EasyJet shows how entertaining those signals can be.

The airline recently put out a staff training video showcasing the signs used to communicate everything from what a passenger ordered to when there’s a celebrity on the plane whose name they can’t recall.

"EasyJet serves over 6 million customers per month; we need our in-flight service to be quick and efficient to deliver excellent customer service," a crew member explains in the video. "To do this, we have developed some secret hand signals to enable the crew to communicate with each other during the in-flight service, minimizing the unnecessary chatter."

If a flight attendant starts flapping their arms like a chicken, that means they’re signaling your order of a chicken Caesar salad.

Meanwhile, a crew member pointing to the back with their thumb and pretending to pop open a bottle means there’s been a proposal on the plane and champagne is in order.

Take a look at the graphic to see the full breakdown of the signals:

Easyjet gestures
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The airline released the video after TV presenter Jamie East tweeted a video of a crew member using one of the signals on the flight.

“@easyjet excuse me but please explain what ON EARTH is going on here?!” East wrote in the tweet.

The next time you see a crew member flapping their arms or pulling a strange sign, you'll be in on the secret.